Website Upgrading

What we mean here is the bunch of actions that lead to website change and improvement, functional parts update or their complete substitution, CMS implementation or its new version elaboration. As a rule website upgrade involves partial or full scale site redesign. The whole structure of the site might be changed, new modules added, as well as sections and blocks. Sometimes upgrade means site renovation, which means site functionality update, that is not to be confused with content update though. New technologies and possibilities for users, updated versions of various services implementation arise on the Internet every day. Thus every site, which needs to be on the same page with the new trends, has to go through the upgrade.

Does a website really need an upgrade?

To give an answer to this question all you need to do is audit your website. You can basically figure it out on your own thinking over the following questions:

  • Does your website comply with your demands at this point?
  • Is the way you update site content simple and easy?
  • Is your site intuitive for the users?

Sometimes website owners have doubts about upgrading quite an old website. We can help you out by providing you with the following advantages here:

  • To begin with you save domain name and don’t have to register a new one;
  • Your old website has its own target audience already;
  • Your website doesn’t lose its positions in the search engines;
  • Links to your website from other sources keep working;
  • All the information is preserved on the website and you don’t have to create it from a scratch.

Although there are cases when site upgrade is not rational. We recommend to avoid site upgrade in the following cases:

  • If the website has fines in the search engines (got into the ban list);
  • If the website does not represent the current state of the company and its business processes;
  • If the design and management systems do not allow to implement new functions;
  • If the website does not have its audience and all the info is way too outdated.

In the cases above it is better to elaborate and implement new website.

Site upgrade – is an essential stage on website life in a wild fast-growing Internet space. Thus on time upgrade and support ensures a quality, convenient internet resource, which is useful to you and your visitors.

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