Website updating

A new updated information is something your visitors search for on your website. Old sales and promos, outdated news are not the things to grow trust from your visitors. Search engines won’t like it either and would not keep your website at the top positions in the search results. These are the reasons for timely site update.

What does site update mean?

Site update is constant information supplement:

  • Articles, pictures, videos, news, info about sales and promos carried on by your company if it’s a corporate site;
  • New goods items and prices for internet stores;
  • Change of website design due to events and holidays.

In order to update the site we need information and your company news in text format or any other kind of materials like photos, videos and audio. Specialized topics publications and articles are also used as materials for your website.  If any of your employees possesses writing skills, you can also make notes of the company events in a blog. This way the users can understand that a website belongs to a constantly developing company which can be trusted.

You can also order various articles using a copywriting service from us. Site should be updated on a regular basis providing the most recent information. The best interval between the update for a business site is for example 2-3 times a month. Thus search engines will consider the website as a constantly developing resource. 

The information can be entered to the website:

  • On your own. You would need basic knowledge of content management system (CMS), text editor such as MS Word, some rudimentary knowledge of HTML, CSS, and photo adaptation. But in this case all changes on the website will be content-related only and will not affect its functionality.
  • With our help. We can sign an agreement on website support which would guarantee qualified work accomplishment.

At first sight website update seems to be an easy task, which can be performed by a system administrator or even an office manager. But it often happens that this job is not performed too carefully, which leads to a disorganized content on the website and thus the site loses its integrity. With our help you can solve the issue of site content update and also receive the following advantages:

  • Any issues related to site update will be solved by our team within the shortest timeframes;
  • You won’t have to hire a new employee and pay him a salary, you will get services of the highest quality at decent prices;
  • We also provide an all-inclusive package on website tech support.
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