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As a rule every system has errors or underdeveloped spots, which affect its flawless operation. A website is not an exception here too. The main task of website revision is to figure out all errors and eliminate them.

Website audit is an in-depth website analysis conducted in order to identify and correct the errors as well as to find out all the possible ways of website upgrade and development.

Before we begin work aimed to attract more visitors to the resource or actions, that the visitors have to perform on the website, we have to understand clearly, that the site is effective. Otherwise the website might become your bottleneck and you might fail to achieve the desired results.

We clearly understand the importance of site revision, which is why it takes place at the first stage of actions on website promotion.

For example, once the corrections have been made, it might help the search engines to find your website faster and more effectively, which in turn would lead your baby to the leading positions in the search results. The structure or site design may be changed, which might make your website more intuitive to the users. Loading time optimization will allow users with slow Internet connection to view your website content faster too.

Audit components

Depending on the actions you would like to take, site audit may work in the following directions:

Search audit or SEO-audit

This implies analysis of the information represented on the website in accordance to key queries (semantic core) – words or phrases, which are used by the Internet users to find your website and which in turn become the main promotion assets. In order to be on the first pages of the search results in the search engines your website has to have corresponding metatags in the descriptive parts of the pages and contain a unique comprehensive information on each key query. An important part is also the ability of your website to provide responses to the arising questions of the users related to the key promotion queries.

Technical audit

This means to identify functionality issues such as pages loading time, search engines visibility issues, invalid server work, where your website is located (if it is there or make sure the server is not there). Technical malfunctioning may cause incorrect discernment of you website by the search engines, as well as by the users, which generally ends up in negative website impression. Detailed technical analysis of the website itself as well as the server, will allow us to identify such issues and find the best ways to solve them.

Website usability analysis

Usability – convenient site usage and browsing is the most common issue among all existing websites.

Issues, which can be classified as usability issues are:

  • Underelaborated design;
  • Awkward navigation or lack of some of its elements;
  • Excessive navigation backup;
  • Website browsing inconvenience;
  • Inconvenient services usage;
  • Irrational website structure;
  • Useful information layout within more than 3 clicks from the main page.

Identifying and solving the above issues, will considerably improve your site quality. The information represented on the site will be better accessible and clear to the visitors. In general it will bring more potential customers to your website eager to use your products or services.

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