Website redesign

Website redesign means changing of its current graphic part, a significant change or update of site’s appearance which does not change its functional parameters and content. It also does not mean website’s upgrade but can include new sections elaboration and their layout.

Redesign or site update is necessary when:

  • The site is outdated - like everything else around, website on the Internet can also become obsolete. When this happens we provide the service of “touch-up” repair.
  • The site is developing and it needs upgrade together with structural update which often leads to design update since now you need graphic representation, like an Internet store for example, which might be added to the current business site at the time of upgrade.
  • Rebranding – corporate style change, which leads to change of the company website.

During website update we can also solve the following tasks:

  • Usability update and upgrade. Over the time while your website has been published the statistics shows that visitors don’t go to certain pages or don’t fill out some applications or forms as they are placed in wrong spots.
  • Design technics upgrade. New trends, tendencies and technologies require new website’s appearance
  • Site clean-up. Sometimes you come to understanding that your site needs a clean-up like a wardrobe, as all new stuff is getting lost among earlier news, goods, posts etc.
  • Change of scenery. Well, your visitors simply like it.

At any rate before you begin, you need to understand which goals are set and the extent of future changes. Once this part is clear, our designers create graphic site layout for your consideration and approval and of course corrections. After it is all approved, we go on with markup and styling and develop pages layouts using HTML and CSS. Next is layout implementation to the website itself and fitting it to major web browsers. And the last but not the least - we make it look nice.

Job timeframes and the cost of site redesign greatly depend on the number of changes: whether it would be just a change of the picture at the top or completely new design. It also depends on the type of the website, its style and the number of layouts. But there is one thing we can tell for sure – you gonna love it.

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