Website promotion

Website promotion – is an integrated set of actions aimed to increase the number of visitors on your website, and in particular to increase the number of clicks from the target audience, which provides a higher conversion rate, meaning better sales of products and services.

Website promotion can be divided conventionally onto online and offline one. The first part of the task means a set of actions done on the internet, while the second part implies advertising on the leaflets, business cards, brochures, any other printed materials, as well as a TV and press advertising. Let’s take a closer look at the online option.

Website promotion depends on the following factors:

  • Website condition – its graphic part and functionality;
  • Target audience of the products and services offered by the company;
  • Queries rate taken into account in the promotion;
  • Competition in your area.

Why would you need a promotion?

The point of promotion is to make a website not only a source of information, but also an entrance point for the customers. This implies site analysis and audit in the first place. With the results of such analysis you will be able to understand actual site condition, its functionality, usability and effectiveness, as well as the ways of solving problems, which are all determined on the way.

You can use once of the promotion ways:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – means semantic core development of website and target queries. Having these handy a versatile website optimization is performed, which raise website’s position in the search results by the search engines.
  • Context ads – is a fast way to receive additional number of customers by means of campaign flexible system settings, depending on the goals and budget. It is more costly than search optimization, but it works much more effectively.  
  • Banner ads – is a development and installation of banner-links to your website in the banner network. This option resembles context ads a bit. But the difference is that context ads are text advertisements, which are displayed by  search engine; banners can be placed on the advertising spaces of the websites and they look much more attractive although more expensive. Banner ads are a bit slower way to reach your target audience.
  • Separate – actions and contest on the website, which can be combined with the above mentioned methods of promotion to attract more visitors to the website.

What do you get if you order promotion from us?

  • More calls and orders on products and services.
  • Reports on our actions and result.
  • Integrated approach not only towards promotion activities, but also to site redesign, update and upgrade.
  • Financial guarantees as we perform promotion using only “white” methods.

Result oriented work.

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