Website optimization

Generally search engines optimization is meant here. This implies the series of actions aimed to help search engines better understand your website and increase the number of your website appearance in the search results in accordance with the key queries.

Why would you need to optimize the site?

It seems to be an easy question at first sight. But if you think twice you will definitely have more questions than that, for e.g.:

  • Why do search engines “understand” and “see” your website incorrectly?
  • Why do different websites with pages dedicated to the topic are located at the different spots in the search results?

The thing is that the combination of the information published on the website, the way all the materials are represented on each page, metadata of the pages and their technical support make each site and its pages unique. Search results are based on the best match to the search query.

Thus in order to raise the positions of your website pages in the search results to those search queries you need optimization to be performed.

Ways of site optimization

There are lots of ways to optimize the website. Each of them has its own influence on the page position in the search results. Some types of optimization are aimed to improve information quality of the pages at the first place, i.e. focused mainly on the site visitors. Other optimization methods are applied to raise site positions only. The latter from search engines point of view are considered to be illegal and can harm your website. Once search engines moderators identify such manipulation, they can apply fines towards your website and can even exclude your website from the search results at all.

Due to this the three notions of website optimization came into use: ‘white’, ‘black’ and ‘grey’ optimization methods:

  • "white" methods – are the combination of various ways of site optimization aimed to improve information quality on the pages, which are reflected in the search results;
  • "black" – are those illegal ways of optimization from search engines standpoint, which lead to position raise only;
  • "grey" – are those just on the edge of allowed actions, which are both aimed to improve information quality and positions raise in the search results.

Site optimization stages

The process of site optimization – is quite a work of big volume, which includes a complex combination of actions towards website analysis and stages of optimization. Selection of the best semantic core always comes as the first stage, which consists of the queries covering the target audience of the website. All the queries should be analyzed in terms of popularity, competition and return of website investment (ROI).Next comes site audit. Technical conditions of the website are being analyzed at this stage as well as consistency to those search queries, which will become the key ones to site promotion.

Once audit has been done and the site status is clear, a set of tasks for site optimization has to be drawn up. This covers writing the articles focused on the key queries, modification of the metatags and technical parts of the website.

The last stage of site optimization is modifications and changes analysis. It is conducted after the search engine has reviewed the pages content and made corrections into search results. If optimization process is done right, using “white” methods, positive outcome is guaranteed. Within short time you will start to notice smooth natural rise of your website in the search results.

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