Website Design

Website design – is like the face of your site which gives the first impression to the visitor about you and your company. Design is the graphic outlay of the functional elements which should also have a nice look. Basically there are two types of site design: dark and light. The difference between these two is in the overall color scheme: use light, transparent colors or deeper, saturated dark colors.

Let’s take a look at the main trends in the website design.

  • A business site - neat, little graphics, executed in a corporate style of the company;
  • Voluminous – using the shadows, halftones, big buttons, all in one makes an impression of deepness. Glossy effects, reflections, etc might also be used.. Might also use glossy effects, reflections etc.;
  • A bright, graphic site – lots of designed details or photos which compose site’s interface;
  • Site with accent on materials – lots of text, photos, video. This type of website won’t have too much graphics, but more of play on fonts, zoning mark out priority categories;
  • Children’s website – we would like to mark out this type as it should combine bright graphics as well as intuitive interface for kids.

It should also be mentioned that the notion of site design is strongly connected with the notion of site usability, thus our developers while creating a website, mind both about design and convenience for users. One of the important issues is proper layout of navigation bars, information about the goods or services, sales and clearances, ‘contact us’ section.

Where to begin with your website design?

First of all you have to put together the site’s structure, that means to define the main sections of your website, additional or submenus, set out the priorities for your goods or services. All of this is important while specifying and determining every element in the website framework.

Company logo is an important detail and if you don’t have one you can order one from us. Logo is the backbone for site design, its form, style, colors etc. Set out the rules for all other elements. If you already have your logo you’d have to provide it to us in any vector format.

Next comes the style. If you already have an elaborate corporate style it is better to hold on to it while creating your website so that at the end we have a complete picture in hand. The same is for the color scale and font type which should be used on the website. In case you don’t have a corporate style you might think of the colors that are used in your work or simply the colors you like. There should be 2 or 3 main colors.

Printed materials in case you have them would also come in handy while working over the design. Taking a good look at them we will understand better what you need.

And of course filling out the brief on our website would be necessary – it is an application with questions which will provide us, developers, with key facts about your company, field of activity and also what is your purpose in website creation.

Additional services

While creating a website design we can also provide flash-banners to advertise specific products, services or sale items of your company. Besides flash banners the website can also be livened up by various animations: dropdown lists and elements, exchanging blocks, pop-up windows etc.

You can also order advertising banners to be placed in external websites.

Professional designer has knowledge and experience which would help you to take into consideration all the tricks in terms of graphic layout and site usability. We provide you with a mock-up which includes all your requirements, but additionally we might suggest an alternative solution which is driven by our intuition and experience, thus giving you the choice and helping you find the best solution for your business.

Time and cost

The time frames for website development depends on its type, layout, style and certainly on the muse as design is a creative job J mock-ups are usually ready within 3-7 days, depending on the project complexity. The cost is also different and is varied by website type and number of design versions.

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