Types of websites

Websites are divided into specific types based on the main characteristics accepted on the internet.

Business site

Business site has the minimum but sufficient volume of information spreading of which is useful for start-up companies as well as for big corporations. It works like a business card for the company which contains key facts and figures about main company activities and contact information. The main concept of such websites is “Brevity is the soul of wit”. More details about business site.

Corporate website

In comparison with business site a corporate site is much more serious structural unit. Websites of this type work like tools that help attracting new customers and partners, broaden sales markets of the company and increase rating and trust towards the company in the business world. Such website can serve as an advertising platform on the internet where you can publish your products and services with the possibility to make an online order. Corporate site development can be done quite fast in comparison with the online store or portal.

Promotional website

If you would like to advertise something on the internet, a promotional website is a right choice for you. A website that looks like an online leaflet will become a framework for your advertising campaign and attract attention of many potential customers, which would be able to receive all necessary information about your products, services or events. Video cuts, audio messages, animated advertisements, news and feedbacks feeds – these are the tools available for your advertising campaign, which are huge advantages for your business.


Showcase website is an online version of your products catalogue. It is a logical structured catalogue, the main role of which is to attract customers. Placing detailed information about your products on the website pages will become a great tool for your company’s promotion on the internet.

Online store

Online store is a showcase website, where customers can not only see the products you offer, but also place orders online. It happens by placing the products into a shopping bag and selecting the best delivery and payment methods. It is a complete analogue to a regular supermarket published on the internet. The key features of such website are convenience and functionality. Users should thus have an easy way to find the products in the catalogue, place them into the shopping bag and complete the purchase within few clicks. If you need to sell your products or services on the internet, you can order an online store development.  


Portal is the type of website with its own individuality and subject. The structure and functional modules of such website are configured in a way by which visitors receive the most complete information about specific subject. As a rule a portal has the news and events feeds, forums, where you can discuss some topic, express your opinion. Quite often portals also have features and functionalities of all types of websites described above too.

A table of website types comparison

Here you can see the standard features and functions for every type of website:

  Business site Corporate site Showcase website Online store Portal
Individual design + + + + +
Feedback form + + + + +
Website search - + + + +
Dynamic news feeds - + + + +
Photo gallery - + + + +
Products catalogue - - + + +
Single product page - - + + -
Filters in the dynamic lists - - + + +
Product order - - - + -
Order processing module - - - + -
Shopping bag - - - + -
Catalogue search - - - + +
Users registration - - - + +
Online payment module - - - + -
Forum - - - - +
User’s account - - - + +
Own materials publishing by the users - - - - +
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