Studio meeting "Sharing Knowledge: Design"

We have started a wonderful tradition to organize educational evening on various interesting topics. Recently we held our first meeting together with the LLIWELL STUDIO guys to exchange experiences, ideas and knowledge. The theme of the meeting was the prettiest - "Trends in design".

Trends in Design

On the eve of our designer Julia visited the report of Vintage studio "Trends in web design". There were presented a number of websites and were made comments about the methods and techniques that were using there. LLIWELL Studio and most of our guys haven’t visited the original report. Julia recounted it to us with restructursng the material on the method used and chips. For example, the most recent decision is a video on the background! How do you? We were delighted :)

Presentation (it has a lot of links to interesting solutions):

The second part of the evening was the presentation by Gleb and Nonna, LLIWELL, about "live" branding. In view of the development of web-based technology interactivity has reached corporate identity as well. After all, more and more companies conduct business over the Internet wherein their website is the main point of contact, and the site does not need to have a clear pontoon logo on the grid. Some examples shown can be seen in the articles:

AolEspecially revealing, in our opinion there is an example of AOL

Note. AOL Inc. - American media conglomerate, a provider of online services and electronic bulletin boards, the owner of the sixth most popular in the world search engine, social network Bebo, popular Internet pager AIM, and also media player Winamp.

They developed the branding which does not make sense itself. The essence is appearing only in the interaction of the logo with the environment, the brand and the customer. And that best represents the company’s client-orienting. After all, without the client any company does not make sense.

For sure you should check out the new concept of the dynamic identity in Yaroslav Belinsky’s Articles! And once again we thank Gleb and Nonna for their presentation where they collected all the coolest thing on the subject. It was really interesting!

Of course, all this was accompanied by tea and snacks. We drank ginger and honey tea by the "deWeb" traditional recipe from the unusual cups: now we have a wonderful guest mugs from our hosting partner Hostpro. We won them in the quiz in honor of the new Extremely fast SSD-hosting.

hostpro mugs

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