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Website design and functionality development is over – now your baby can do anything you like, but the pages are empty, sections have been created but there is no information there. To catch visitor’s attention you need to fill up your website with interesting and informative content so that the visitor not only enjoys the quality of the website’s design, but also stays here for some interesting unique info. Filling up the website is not only text, but also various pages of the catalogue, pictures and video galleries.

Primary website content

First of all primary website content – is information plan and pages style elaboration. Is it an important part of the process since during design elaboration we shape up the frame, where different pages may have pictures and/or charts. All this has to be naturally coordinated with the graphic site layout. Thus this stage implies coherent work of the content manager and graphic designer. The author will prompt how to keep the overall picture neat and nice.

Besides visual perception content should also clearly represent the headline as well as be literate, thus we always read all texts thoroughly to exclude mistakes. Photos and texts should always be enjoyable and up to date which means they need to be updated on a regular basis

Where do texts come from?

All data including photo and video materials may be provided by the customer, but if by any reason you cannot do so, we will gladly offer you our copyrighting services. Copyrighting is the service of writing texts on a specific topic. There is also such notion as rewriting, which implies editing of the existing materials, rephrasing etc, preserving the meaning of the initial texts.

It should be noted that copying the materials from other websites is unacceptable as it’s not only copyright rules violation, but also a damage to your own website. Search engine can see the same texts and remember where they’ve been published before so another website with the same texts will be placed at the very end of the list of search results. Thus it is very important to have original info published on your website.

Content stages

First of all we begin with texts editing while filling up the website. Then if necessary we select a bunch of pictures which fit the info in the texts best and compile both together. In other words we make an initial page layout placing each element at its spot. Next we simply edit the pictures and create the pages one by one in the database.

Editing process

The content management system (CMS) often has functions that work due to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) rules. Service, which works due to these rules, is the editor like MS Word - CKeditor, FCKeditor and others. Text and pictures are entered into the editor where they are optimized and then you simply save the page. Sometimes we need to edit the source code, as quite often using the editor systems we get something called a “messy” code. It implies lots of unnecessary information that appears there automatically and expands the code’s volume, which in its turn leads to more time for the page to load.

People that work in our studio are not only professional in terms of technical stuff, but also have an impeccable taste. All the pages that you entrust to us will be filled up in a nice way.

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