Hosting – means placement of your website on some server, making it visible on the internet.

We provide LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) hosting supporting PHP 4 and 5, Zend Optimizer, Perl, Python, Ruby-on-Rails, access to CGI and a possibility to manage the web-server using Apache Handlers, MIME types and .htaccess.

To enhance user experience on hosting management we have set up a cPanel on our servers.

With cPanel you can manage MySQL databases on your own (configured PhpMyAdmin) as well as the FTP users. We can also provide ssh-access to the server in case you need it.

We provide the following hosting options to our customers:

Hosting option Mini Optima Maxi
The number of SQL databases 2 3 5
The amount of disk space, MB 200 500 1000
The cost for 12 months, $ 35 60 100
The cost for 6 months, $ 25 40 60
The cost for 1 month, $ 5 8 12
Assignment Hosting option for typical business site and corporate site Hosting option for typical showcase site Hosting package for typical online store or average website-portal

Is your website very overloaded and you think that standard hosting packages are not for you?

Not to worry, we will find and configure an appropriate programming and software solution to fit your needs. Our team loves to solve tough issues.

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