Domain registration

Domain name – is a comprehensive name of your website which appears as a result of transformation of the computer IP-address where the website is located by means of the domain names system (DNS). The first level domain (or zone) is the combination of the last letters on your right (for E.g. COM, RU). Second level domains are the addresses like, Third level domains go next due to hierarchy (like, А,

The most common are the domains of the first level like: com, org, net, gov, edu. They belong to the common use zone and do not indicate any nationality. Initially each of them was called to indicate belonging to specific organization. For example EDU – for educational institution, GOV – government websites, NET – sources devoted to network solutions development, COM – commercial organizations.

There are also national domains which are usually accordant with the country names. For example RU, DE, FR etc. Ukraine’s national domain is UA. To be able to register in this domain you are supposed to have a trademark. Although in case you don’t own a trademark you can register names like COM.UA, NET.UA, KIEV.UA.

Domain registration process is performed by a licensed representative authorized to provide such services. Work of all registrars is under control of international organization ICANN, which also helps to solve various problems and helps to develop the structure. You can’t actually purchase the domain name; it can only be delegated to the customer for a specific period of time (from 1 year). If some agreement points fail to be fulfilled by the customer (like non-payment for instance) the registrar has a lawful right to terminate the activity of a specific domain name.

Domain name selection – is a serious question which would greatly influence your web resource success. There are several key points, which need to be marked out in terms of domain name selection.

  • Domain name should comply with the site subject or be closely related to it. This affects the commercial success, visits frequency and ability to remember it easily.
  • The name should be short, assonant, conform to the domain zone so that the users and potential customers could easily find it. It should also be easy enough to be spelled over the phone etc.
  • Domain name should be selected in accordance with the target audience location. For example, a website focused on the Russian visitors should be in RU zone while German audience should be able to find the site in the DE zone. This will raise your future website in the search results positions.

You can register the domain at our web-studio, having chosen a registrar on your own as well as the domain name itself. It can be either a part of a boxed solution or as a separate service.

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