Context ads

Internet is an amazing commercial platform. The main reason is because everybody has more choices to select goods, information or services than anywhere else. On the one hand it creates vast possibilities for the sellers of those goods and services, and on the other hand it makes people come up with new methods and techniques of advertising.

Context advertising is an effective way to assert yourself in the Internet. Search engines provide the list of corresponding search results due to the user queries. But in addition to the TOP-10, which is the list of the best matching choices, due to the query, there is also an advertised part, which also corresponds to the query, its topic, keywords etc. that the user applied in the search.

Context advertisement

Context advertisements are usually displayed at the beginning of the list – from one to three websites, which are marked with a slightly different color than the background. Some of the search results also show it on the right from the main list of search results. The ad itself consists of a few words (as a rule up to 100 symbols), a key phrase and the link to a website of the ad owner. One can enter this site with the same probability percentage, as he will go to the other websites at the beginning of the list. It needs to be pointed out, that it takes quite a bit of time in order to get into the first places in the search results, a website has to prove itself as the best matching on the given topic, neatly organized, having a valid code, loads of links from other websites and many other factors.

Context ad campaign gives you the possibility to get almost the same result. Most users cannot tell the difference between natural search results and advertisements. Also to raise effectiveness of the ad campaign you can also use other websites for advertising, by placing small advertising blocks in the corresponding topics and articles, besides using search engines alone.

How would you begin an ad campaign?

So how the mechanism of the context advertising is built? How much does the context ad cost?

Context advertising – is a beneficial investment with fast ROI. Context ad services are mostly provided by the search engines, which guarantees your advertisement will be displayed in the ad block. The market leaders among those who provide services of context ads are Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Begun. To make advertising campaign more effective, it is better to apply to the professionals, who would do their best in creation the text of the advertisement, set up search geographical targeting etc. One of the main advantages of the context ads is flexible budget management and the possibility to monitor and optimize the campaign in real time to make it the most effective.

Cost of the context advertising depends on the conversion rate, meaning the number of clicks to your website from the search results. Each click is priced individually. The starting price may be very different, depending on the topic of the ad. The bigger competition and number of queries, the higher is the price per click (construction market for example). Some highly specialized topic will have much lower rate per click, where website owners get great campaign results at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately you can’t figure out the fixed rate from the beginning up till the end of the campaign - it depends on the market growth in a specific area and the number of ads from your competitors.

Mind though, that effective context ads will allow you attract potential customer almost from the start and grow the target audience within short timeframes.

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