Why and how to use Bower? Vladimir Puchkov

Are you tired of going to the web sites of JavaScript libraries and downloading the archives each time you need to add another jQuery plugin to the webpage? Bower will do everything for you.


Package managers allow to install easily and update dependencies of the project - basically third-party libraries that it uses: jQuery, Fotorama - so everything that is used on your website and written not by you.


You can replace by few commands in the terminal a lot - surfing the web sites with libraries, downloading and unpacking archives and copying files to the project.


There are standard package managers in many programming languages that developers used to install all libraries: gem in Ruby, pip in Python etc. There is npm in server-side JavaScript (why it's not suitable for the client I will describe later) and there was nothing until recently in client-side JavaScript. There were a lot of different package managers (Jam, Component, Volo, Ender), but only few become popular and that cannot install the right library is quite useless.


From above mentioned is evident that at least understanding of Bower is quite useful. We have learned in details how to use Bower on our internal educational evening in Deweb Studio that led Volodymyr Puchkov our Front-end developer.


The details are in the presentation under link.

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